Skype Meet Now was reaction to Microsoft’s Zoom just as the pandemic was taking hold. Simply a quick invitation to a video call, no app needed. But now Microsoft is making Skype Meet Now even simpler, by adding it to Windows 10’s taskbar.
Well, Meet Now is pretty much a flagship feature of Windows 10 Insider build 20221, part of the Dev Channel of Microsoft’s Insider builds. It means it’s part of Microsoft’s code base that may never see the light of day, or may emerge in a future build. In any event, Company is rolling the new feature to just a subset of the Dev Channel for now, paring down its audience further.
To launch Skype Meet Now within Windows 10, you click on the little camera icon that’s been added to the Taskbar. You’ll need to find the appropriate contact and extend an invitation, but Skype Meet Now is free, and there’s no limit to how much you can talk



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