Simply put, you’ll consider your computer’s IP address as a virtual residential address—one which will be changed if necessary. In real terms, an IP address serves two primary purposes: network interface identification and site addressing.

For example, maybe you would like to understand your computer’s IP address because you’re having internet connectivity issues or you’re trying to line up a house app like Plex.

There are two ways to check your IP address on Windows. you’ll either use the Settings app or go around within the prompt . Keep reading to seek out out the way to find your IP address on Windows.

Find Your IP Address Using the Settings App

The best ever way to find your IP address on Windows 10 involves firing up the Settings app:

  • Go to Start > Settings.
  • Click on Network and internet.
  • In the left-hand panel, choose either Wi-Fi or Ethernetdepends on you what sort of connection you are using.
  • Click on your network or connection name.
  • Scroll right down to Properties.
  • Find the IPV4 address listing.
  • The number you see is your IP address.


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